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Battleground Survival 2023

Battleground Survival 2023

Get ready for a completely new kind of gaming when you start Battleground Survival 2023

Unlike other survival games, Battleground Survival 2023 is a realistic battle arena that pushes your abilities, tactics, and survival instincts to the utmost. Your objective becomes evident when you find yourself alone on a deserted island: endure at all costs and emerge as the last individual or group standing. 

Rules of Battleground Survival 2023

Simple principles apply to survival games: the only rule is to survive. Fans of anime will find this to be distinct from your typical survival game anime. Competing for the title of last man or squad, you'll take on other players or teams. Both strategy and firepower are essential for survival. Making tactical choices will be necessary, such as where to land, how to obtain supplies, and when to launch an attack. 


  • Use WASD to walk, 
  • Use SHIFT to run, 
  • Use MOUSE to shoot, aim, and scroll change gun, 
  • Use TAB to open the menu

This game offers an experience unlike any other, whether you enjoy survival games on the PS4, Xbox One, or PC. 

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