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Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917

You will travel to the First World War era in the brand-new, thrilling game Battalion Commander 1917

You'll have to transform your character from a private to a battalion leader. You'll need to assist him in this. Your hero will have to do a number of tasks in order to do this. Your foes will get harder to defeat as you progress through the levels, but as your skills and weapons improve, you'll be able to do so with ease.

How To Play

To defeat the adversary, you must fire at him. In the game Battalion Commander 1917, you will receive points for each opponent you defeat. Additionally, you will need to gather various goods, first-aid kits, and ammo that are dispersed throughout the world. 


  • Your mouse will control the movement of the squad.
  • To activate the skill (if it has been purchased), click the left mouse button or tap the skill button. 

Battalion Commander 1917 FAQs

Do different army kinds have specialized skills?

Absolutely! You can unlock and upgrade a variety of soldier kinds in Battalion Commander 1917, and each has its own special skills and traits. Create a battalion that reflects your preferred playing and strategic approaches.

Can I retake levels I've already finished to gain extra cash and rewards?

Yes, you may play through previously finished stages in Battalion Commander 1917. You can accumulate more coins and rewards, which you may then use to strengthen your soldiers' equipment and skill levels.

Is Battalion Commander 1917 a multiplayer game?

No, this game is not a multiplayer game. Instead, it is a single-player game that tries to give the player a realistic and exciting experience as a battalion leader. 

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