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Atari Missile Command

Atari Missile Command

Atari created the iconic arcade game Atari Missile Command in 1980.  Are you ready to experience this unique, action-packed adventure that came out more than 40 years ago?

Six cities controlled by the player are under constant bombardment from ballistic missiles. Get ready to fight off an extraterrestrial invasion that intends to exterminate every living thing on Earth. To stop the invaders, fortify your city with strong missile defense turrets.  Shoot the enemy's artillery with your three cannons at will.  

How To Play

  • Select a missile launcher by MOVING THE MOUSE over it.
  • Click LEFT OR RIGHT to launch a missile from it.


  • 2D graphics with vivid colors.
  • Action game centered on defending a city.
  • Putting an end to opposing attacks.
  • There are many different multipliers and rewards to obtain.

It is imperative that you eliminate enemy fighter planes as soon as they enter your airspace. Don't forget to play through Atari Asteroids in the Atari games. Wishing you the best of success and a fantastic time!

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