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Astro Race

Astro Race

Astro Race should be at the top of your to-play list if you enjoy both racing and spacecraft. Enjoy this competitive multiplayer game with a high-skill ceiling!

Control a hyper-fast spacecraft while competing to go up the leaderboards! To accelerate, gain momentum, and charge your power, move along the edges. Fight the world's bloodiest players. Show off your incredible drifting prowess and win races to advance in rank and gain access to new racing circuits and different craft models.

How To Play

PC Controls

  • Use D/right arrow key to Steer right 
  • Use A/left arrow key to Steer left 
  • Use W/up arrow key to Boost 

Mobile Controls

  • Tap right to Steer right 
  • Tap left  to Steer left 
  • Tap both to Boost 
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