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Assault Zone

Assault Zone

Prepare to use every ounce of strength to repel a deadly zombie invasion from your region in the game Assault Zone! Will you be able to seize authority and keep the mob out of the city? 

In Assault Zone, your goal is to destroy waves of enemies who are preparing to attack your lovely city with ruthlessness. You've been ordered to eliminate every enemy in the vicinity, which numbers one hundred! Most of the time, enemies lurk behind cover, ready to surprise you at any turn. Before being shot at, try to take out the adversary with a gun! Every guard in the vicinity is on high alert as the threat grows.


  • To move the character, use W, A, S, and D or the Arrow keys.
  • To move the character, aim, and fire, use the mouse.

Always pay attention to your surroundings, seek cover when necessary, and be on the lookout for any places the opponent may have that are shielded. 

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