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Assault on the Evil Star

Assault on the Evil Star

In the awesome sci-fi game Assault on the Evil Star, you play as the hero who uncovers a plot to wipe out humanity as a whole. 

The protagonist of the tale is a special forces soldier who seeks to save people after learning of a massive conspiracy to exterminate humanity. During his journey, he comes across terrifying monsters and opposing warriors. As a special forces soldier, you uncover a massive scheme to wipe out civilization. Aim well, and avoid letting your adversaries take the upper hand. 


  • Intense action-based gaming
  • Gorgeous and evocative science fiction setting
  • The game world is completely fantastic, with breathtaking sci-fi scenes that have a lovely yet eerie appearance. 
  • A tiny game with good visuals


Use the WASD to move. 

Use 1 or 4 to change weapons. 

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