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Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter

The archery game Apple Shooter will put your abilities as a warrior to the test.  

Wilhelm Tell, a historical Archery games champion, served as an obvious inspiration for this online shooting game. In this entertaining archery game, aim at the fruit. It requires courage, poise, power, and grace to master the art of shooting.

As Apple Shooter will demonstrate, it also requires an inexhaustible pool of volunteers who are willing to support an apple balanced atop their heads. Try not to hit the brave man with your apples while you hit the apple. As you progress back, each level becomes more challenging. To what level did you advance?


  • Superior grade in 3D graphics.
  • The operation can be learned quickly and easily.
  • Put your shooting skills to the test.
  • Amazing designs transport you to the ideal setting quickly.

How To Play

  • Aim with the mouse. 
  • To change the strength of each shot, LEFT CLICK AND HOLD. 
  • To fire an arrow, LEFT CLICK.
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