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Agent Walker vs Skibidi Toilets

Agent Walker vs Skibidi Toilets

Explore the world of GoGoMan's exciting 3D shooter, Agent Walker vs Skibidi Toilets.

As Agent Walker from now on, you will be compelled to embark on a thrilling journey and eliminate every Skibidi head! You will currently use these multi-armed, multi-weapon capable creatures, who are prepared for any onslaught of singing monsters. Do you wish to fully develop your character while simultaneously assisting him in stopping the invasion of these toilet heroes?  

How to play Agent Walker vs Skibidi Toilets

  • To move your character around the battlefield, use the arrow keys. 
  • To quickly switch between different weapons, use designated hotkeys. 

Choose your weapon according to the circumstance, as each of your mechanical arms has a different gun. The goal of the game is to advance by making it through waves of Skibidi Toilets and getting higher scores.

Tips to play

Stay away from being surrounded by several Skibidi Toilets to reduce the danger. Make effective use of your various weapons: use grenade launchers to control an area and machine guns to deal short-burst damage. Continue to move to keep from becoming an easy target.

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