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Age of War

Age of War

With its easy-to-understand controls and fun features, Age of War lets you see how war has changed over time.  

Age of War shows the age-old conflict between two societies that are still at odds with each other and racing to make better weapons. Keep making units to defend your base and defeat the enemy. As you gain XP, your society will change over time, giving you new weapons and technologies to use in battle.


Playing Age of War is enjoyable and simple to comprehend. You have the option to select the difficulty level when the game launches for the first time. The map's left side is where your base is located. Above it is the health bar. Keep a close eye on this during the game. Enemies that approach too closely will deplete your life bar. You will then be done with the game. 

But your enemy can potentially benefit from the same rule. To demolish the enemy's base is your objective. The upper left corner displays your wealth and level of expertise. More troops can be sent into battle with that money. Save your money; the price of each kind of unit varies. 


To deploy a unit, use the left mouse button.

The way you move in Age of War is so fun and addicting that you want to see everything.  Check out our other Strategy games if you like to think strategically and plan your moves ahead of time.