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Narrow One

Narrow One

Narrow One is a multiplayer archery shooter game in which you and your opponents compete against each other to see who can capture the opposing team's flag first.

You will receive a bow and arrows instead of a pistol. Take part in a frantic archery battle as you and your colleagues attempt to capture the opposing flag in a gorgeous castle arena. You can only use a bow and a few arrows, so be sure your aim is precise and your reflexes are quick. You will also be required to repel enemy raids into your own base.


  • There are a variety of bows and crossbows to choose from.
  • Three-dimensional graphics.
  • Gaming with a quick pace.
  • Numerous maps.

How To Play

  • Move with WASD or the arrow keys.
  • Aim with the mouse.
  • Click with your left mouse button to fire.
  • To jump, use Space.
  • To change weapons, use digits 1 through 5.

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